Download Maespa

Download executable and example input

The Maespa model is free without restrictions. Please click the link below to download a zip file with the Windows executable (32 and 64bit versions), and five sets of example files.


How to get started

Download the zip file from the link above, unzip it and place the contents from one of the example input files in one folder. Then, simply run the executable (32 or 64 bit depending on your system) to produce several output files. All input files and output files are text only, there is no GUI.

Next, read the technical manual to modify the input files and understand the output files. There is also an R package available which makes it convenient to run the model, modify input files, and process output files.

Source code

The code for Maespa is freely available under the GPL V2.0 license, this means that you can download it, use it and modify it, but you must attribute the source (that is, us), when you share a modified version. Click the link below to visit the git repository on